How to produce the quality diamond saw blade

Diamond saw blade is a tool that we will use in industrial processing. It can help us to carry out industrial processing very well. Today we introduce how to produce high quality diamond saw blade.

   1. High-strength diamond with stable production performance, coarse particles and good thermal stability (directly close to ti and tfi) is used. Diamond tools are basically fixed by diamond and carcass on the working substrate under certain process conditions, mainly by diamond abrasive and cutting to process different stones. Therefore, the quality, particle size and concentration of raw materials (diamonds) have a decisive effect on diamond tools.

   2. Although strong carbon powder elements are added to improve the diamond holding power. In the processing of diamond saw blades, if the cutter head carcass has a good grip on the diamond, the diamond will have a good blade, will not fall off prematurely, and will be sharp and efficient during cutting. Generally, the surface of diamond can be coated with a layer of strong carbon compound to form metal elements, such as plating, titanium, chromium, nickel, tungsten, etc., to improve the bonding between diamond and carcass powder, and help prevent diamond from sintering at high temperature Oxidation and graphitization; in addition, a small amount of strong carbon powder elements such as molybdenum, chromium, and tungsten powder can be added to the carcass powder. Because this kind of powder has good wettability and affinity for gold and corundum, a sintered alloy is formed on the surface of diamond and carcass metal during sintering, which is beneficial to the chemical bonding and metallurgical combination of diamond and carcass metal, thereby greatly improving the tire The body's grip on diamonds.

   3. Improve the particle size ratio of diamond. In the traditional ratio, the cutter head should be sharper, and more coarse-grained diamonds should be used; otherwise, fine-grained diamonds should be used. This is true, but the best work efficiency is still not achieved. Due to the high hardness and elastic modulus of diamond, plastic deformation is difficult to occur during high-temperature sintering. Choosing a good ratio to increase the packing density of diamond particles before sintering is beneficial to improve the wear ratio of the tool. After many experiments, it can be concluded that the general diamond head consists of three types of coarse, medium and fine grain diamonds, and the optimal particle size ratio is 1:0.0227:0.071.

   4. Using ultra-fine powder and pre-alloyed powder. Ultra-fine powder is helpful to reduce the sintering temperature and increase the hardness of the carcass. The pre-alloyed powder, through three-dimensional three-dimensional mixing, greatly shortens the contact time between the powder and the air, prevents the premature loss and segregation of low melting point metals, and is beneficial to improve the strength of sintered products and increase the holding power of diamond.

   5. Add appropriate amount of rare earth elements (such as rare earth lanthanum, cerium, etc.) to the carcass powder. Can significantly reduce the wear performance of the bonding agent and improve the cutting efficiency of diamond saw blades.

   6. Adopt cold pressing and hot sintering process to perform vacuum protective atmosphere sintering. The cutting head that is sintered after cold pressing is very sharp during the sawing process, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. The vacuum protective atmosphere sintering can prevent powder oxidation and activate sintering, which not only improves the performance of the cutting head, but also extends the graphite mold. Longevity can also reduce production costs.

   7. The correct welding process, nowadays diamond circular saw blades are welded by high-frequency welding machine, and the second "burn" of the cutter head and the phenomenon of the cutter head are prone to occur during welding. Not only is it unsafe, but it also affects production, so high-strength, good-permeability silver solder pieces should be used for welding production.